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Caring games Keywords: Caring games
I found 17 caring games
Baby Triplets
In this game, however, was not a bone when it comes to triplets is entitled a torment and will have to take care of these baby triplets. Babies are very galagiosi and nazdravani and therefore you have to give them all you want in the shortest time possible. All you have to do is give the time bi ...
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Business with fruit
Because you have an unbelievable appetite and you wanted to have your own business with the fruit you get a chance to play now in category games farms a game where you can look for qualities and businessman you can plant fruit and vegetables. In this game you are the owner of a factory with fruit juices and you have to reproduci in his own garden. Planted ...
Baby is a game for kids caring for babies in you was not the role of a subtle and careful mum with your baby and do not want it to cry because ii misses something wants. Strange things after your baby cries and come with them near the baby, to make it the most happy new born.
Super Mum
For the girls who think to be mummy is something simple or fun, we invite you to play this game and will see what Mommy has to do when a mother has a toddler and noisy. Super Mommy is a very exciting and challenging game for felele who like caring games toddlers.
Medical sister
Demonstrate that you can be a reliable medical sister for all the girls are really confortable and captivate kids games and here is another game of this genre in which you find yourself at a children's Hospital and have to take care of children because they are very small and have many needs: to go laptic, to change his pampers website you give them toys and c ...
Super Babysitter
For the care of small children are always welcome and needed a nanny, you not in this game of role Super Babysitter that will take care of the children of persons who do not have with whom to leave. The Agency of bone where you come all sorts of parents who do not have nowhere to letting the little ones and neastamparati. Looks like you're a ...
MOM and copilasii
For those who like to play the Mom and copilasii sure you will love to play and baby caring gamesso we thought to invite you to a new game in this category of games with babies. Octo Mom is the name of an institution that deals with the care of small children and you work as a maid in this ...
Animal lounge
Luxury Salon animal game is a salon in which you are the owner of this luxury salon and you have to take care of the animals which are programmed to expel the user session. Because you have caring for animals now, washes, coafeaza, haircuts and dress as well and beautiful these animals to Shun ...
Take care of me
Babies in this game take care of me, baby care game, are the most wonderful and obedient bebei but however and they need food, clean diapers or beautiful and interesting toys. Now you will have to take care of these kids adorable, like your own babies would be small.
With Baby
This is a game of green washing babies and that will make you to understand the role of the mother. Because MOM is at work and I have to look after the baby Mary. As to cheer up his sister will have to attend a lot of activities. Do not let the baby to cry because you will lose the game and Maria will have problems with MOM.
Shop by animal
To hold a Shop by animal It may be something that requires more action but you and satisfaction to see the beautiful animals starting with clients and offer a reward that rule as the work done by you and your employees. Here you need to take care of animals to make happy customers or ...
3d baby room
You will need to decorate baby's room 3d with the most attractive and fashionable furniture, accessories and toys for babies. Decorate your child's room 3d just as you want to bebelul that will come. The youngest child In the room will be like him to find all sorts of toys, plush, plush ursuleti, caluti and drawings frumoa ...
3d animal paradise
If you love animals and mean you have to take care of them in paradise and to make beautiful and in this game you get a chance to do this so that you are the owner of the Salon of beauty Paradise Pet Salon 3D pet. You need to wash, coafezi, tunzi, to apply different treatments ...
3D horse racing
In the herd with horses, Cross Country Steeplechase Horse 2 will be holding a contest with 3D horse racing You will attend all lovers of this sport. Get ready to get inscri in horse races and bet on the horse you think will pass the finish line first and win money for these 3 horse racing ...
Pet doctor Barbie
Barbie plays the role of a Veterinary doctor for pets Pet Vet clinic. These Barbie games doctor pets to take care of these animals, and you give them adorabile treatment they need in order to earn bonus points in veterinary medicine. Clinic location ...
With farm birds
For every problem there is always great farm's parents Tina have left it to help on the farm. Tina with farm birds, Chicken Coop which is one of the largest farms with birds and domestic animals. At her parents, Tina has to look after all the chickens also that will make the eggs with ...
Happy Kids
The Happy Kids nursery and kindergarten children are all very happy. Because children learn to behave more civilized society requires the assistance of a teacher to be a teacher to prepare the nursery where you need to learn to look after your hair to the comb and wash your teeth after they took the small ...

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