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Cooking games 10 of 10 based on 1706 votes.
With these games, the art of cooking you will seem easy and will show you still on now to cook the most delicious dishes with soup and salad.
You can learn to make cakes, tasty cakes and pancakes. On you can play the best games with food and cooking in 2015, after the very finest recipes online.

We do our best to offer you the most modern and exciting games with cooked food, therefore, we recommend that you play and other dishes prepared as food at home, all of which are new.
We recommend these Cooking games but this collection with all barbie cooking games
Academy of cooking food
Sign up and you in cooking Academy and join the Group of the best chefs in the culinary field cooking. Joculetelor the Cooking Academy you will learn to cook so many dishes because cooking school It is equipped with all kinds of cooking culinary specialties.
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Barbie Cook
Before starting the day at Barbie kitchen Cook most tasty menu for her boyfriend Kent. Be beside the beautiful Barbie who cook in this game Barbie cooking to help to prepare the most fluffy omelette for breakfast you will serve in the two.
An Fluffy pancakes
Fluffy pancakes in the kitchen an your order as this game did pancakes and sweets you will learn to make the most simple pancakes in this cooking game. Prepari to learn to the simplest composition pancakes with jamchocolate, jam, or even Vanilla but watch out not to burn them so they must be the most ...
Cooking with Dora an
Cook food with Dora is a very popular game for players with Dora games in the overall strategic objective that our girlfriend should be helped to do the grocery shopping to be able to cook the tastiest culinary preparations Cook for restaurant food. Dora will show you a few recipes with food ready made ...
An Pizza
Uncle Tom's restaurant which is a master chef in cooking pizza, get many clients the best pizza in town, but it does not handle orders that come from more and more. In these games with pizza You must choose the most appropriate ingredients for a well browned with pita dough ...
An delicious dessert
We all know that these girls are favorites sweets ice cream that must be gatitata and finally be served. Use all ingredients and cook a dessert delicious topped with the sweetest chocolate glazes for ice cream, so now you have to do with vanilla and chocolate ice cream.
Goodgame Cafe
Goodgame Cafe is a game that is played in two of those players made from Goodgame Studios. Now you have the opportunity to open your own coffee shop to serve customers with the best products to employees cafenelei delicious. Business profit is removed if you handle it well and know its manageriezi your own business. Services offered ...
Ice Cream
Prepare and sell ice cream cornet or ice cream in glass with different flavors your customers. Now you will have to move quickly because it is a game of served clients and they should not be allowed to wait to receive a ice cream or a glass of soft drink. Prepare ice cream into the shortest time p ...
Ice cream to order
Ice cream to order your new passion for ice cream is really fun. Follow the standard recipe and prepare ice cream without any hint of escape to the client because at the end you will cash the money. Disappointed clients will not give money for a perfectly prepared ice cream because the outside is extremely ...
Ice cream cornet at
In summer when the temperature outside is suffocating us we can ice cream at racori serving a cornet that we can cook themselves or can we buy directly from the car with ice on the cornet. Learn to cook and get the most delicious frozen prepari on the beach where you operate as a seller of ice cream for children.
Healthy food
In this game you will learn to cook a healthy meal. Learn how to put all the ingredients in the food you prepare chicken and vegetables rich in vitamins. Add all ingredients but you need to have food to go as aspectuoasa but at the same time and tasty.
Menu for the holidays
An most delicious menu for Christmas along with your guests. Christmas guests will be welcomed with the choicest traditional dishes cooked by the chef at best. Now you have at hand the best recipes for Christmas After that you can cook the best dishes with the v ...
Pizza at mama
Mommas Pizza is the restaurant where you work as a chef and you are very proud of pizza at mama want to win a lot of money preparand pizza in command. Waitress who guides clients will first down at the tables by a second person, or four people to get the pizza. After ...
Perfect Pizza
Downtown has opened a new restaurant for that Perfect pizza and served Pizza. For that perfect pizza is the new brand will have to make this pizza to become the most famous of all the city. Mix composition for pizza and an a perfect pizza for your restaurant clients.
Cakes with cream
It's time to make the lightest cake with vanilla cream or chocolate for special guests of the dinner. These cakes are in the category of cakes and cookies made with fluffy crust. Preparing the countertop and cream so then to use umplutorul for cakes with cream. After you decorate ...
You are cooking a perfect pizza
If you want to get the diploma of master chef specializing in cooking the most flavorful pizza must abide by these traditional recipes made pizza. Master chef in this pizza cooking game grab a huge pizza preparation and you will have to make one exactly like it. At the end of the course you will cook ...
Tiramisu Cake
Combines culinary art with design and prepare the most beautiful cake tiramisu in this awesome game from the series of games made the cake. Choose what kind of background do you think fits this particular tiramisu cake and placed it on the cakes and cookies then you can send the wedding which was commissioned.
Delicious cakes
Help them on Polly and Shani to cook the most delicious cake because they like those sweets, cakes or cakes. They are the best friend of Barbie and want to prepare a surprise on her birthday-birthday gatindu i the most beautiful cake you will decorate at will. Help them to choose the best ingredients and ...

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